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Natalia Suchugova: Welcome to our Art History Program in English!

Natalia Suchugova, канд. ист. наук, Fulbright scholar

Dear colleagues,
welcome to our Art History Program in English!

It is significant to get some knowledge in the sphere of profession concurrently with studying a foreign language, when the process of learning language becomes more natural. It is not about the language, it is in the language. This type of content and language integrated learning helps to think creatively and flexibly, to realize the peculiarities of the other culture, to solve professionally-oriented cases, to navigate in the information and communication space.

At our classes we will concentrate on studying main ideas, concepts and trends in art of particular periods, discuss art-related issues, compare and analyze art pieces of various cultures and epochs.

The Program participants will improve the skills of foreign language communication, will become more confident in using these skills in the professional sphere. The materials for our course are up-to-date authentic texts and video resources accompanied with assignments.

I strongly believe that foreign language can be a means of developing a professional identity and hope that you will succeed in acquiring new skills. 

«New Insights into Art: искусство через английский язык»
Часть I. От первобытного искусства до романтизма
Часть II. От реализма до современного искусства

New Insights into Art: искусство через английский язык